Searching for employees?

Searching for employees?

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Personnel leasing

Personnel leasing or the temporary assignment of employees is currently a modern and very flexible form of employment.  Personnel leasing is a form of employment relationship in which the employee has an employment contract concluded with the personnel agency, but works for a “user employer” – meaning you, for a client. Everything is conducted in accordance with the given country’s applicable legislation.

Wide application – as regards the use of this service, there is no industry or work activity in which personnel leasing would not apply…

How does it work?

The client enters an initial request. After preparing a price offer and following mutual agreement, the legal relationship of cooperation is concluded on the basis of an Agreement on Temporary Assignment, or a Service Agreement between the client and temporary employment agency. Based on your defined specification, job positions, criteria and numbers, we will perform a quick selection and recruitment of reliable personnel for you using our internal recruitment process, or in the form of verified external foreign recruitment centres within selected EU countries, Ukraine, Serbia and Kazakhstan.

Employees’ work is organised and managed by the client, or following prior agreement this responsibility can be transferred to our employee, to whom project coordination is entrusted, together with care for the temporarily assigned staff supplied by us.

At the same time, we will take over for you the complete wage and personnel agenda for the employees supplied by ask, we will search for and solve any accommodation and work transport they may need.  We take care of the day-to-day operation, your requirements and the employees’ requirements.


What are the advantages of personnel leasing?

  • You can flexibly handle temporary or even long-term labour shortages.
  • You do not need to worry about the recruitment of own employees – an efficient and flexible tool for resolving personnel issues,
  • You gain the ability to respond quickly to changing personnel needs,
  • You concentrate only on your company’s core activity,
  • You don’t need to keep track of developments in employment law
  • Reduce your administrative workload in personnel admin
  • Reduce the scope of the wage and personnel admin connected with each employee, significantly saving costs connected with these agendas, with hiring and dismissing employees
  • You pay only for the work actually performed
  • You save significantly on costs associated with the wage and personnel agenda, with hiring and dismissing employees, etc.
  • The agency assumes liability for damage caused by temporarily assigned employees
  • Cooperation with the project coordinator

Recruitment - recruiting from outside the EU

We offer the fastest solution with full service from job definition through selection of the selection process to the selection of the most suitable candidates from countries such as Ukraine, Serbia, Georgia and others

  • Customer order for non-EU employees
  • Defining customer requirements for non-EU workers
  • Recruitment and subsequent selection of employees according to the requirements of the customer
  • The customer uses our extensive database of jobseekers outside the EU
  • Our team of professionals provides a comprehensive administrative process to obtain a work permit in accordance with applicable laws
  • The customer receives an employee with a valid work permit
  • In the field of non-EU workers, we have many years of experience, which we also use as a guide
Work permit issued for employees from Serbia
Work permit issued for employees from Ukraine
Work permit for workers from Kazakhstan

Out-staffing / Outplacement / Take over

A unique service for those who want to save on costs associated with conducting wage, personnel and other internal company admin. In this service our company takes over the employment relationship with a client’s present, but also new, internal employees.

In taking over these employees:

  • We process complete personal files on employees
  • We prepare employment contracts
  • We register employees at the Social Insurance Agency and health insurance companies
  • Employees will continue to perform their work without change, and according to your system of management
  • We enable you to be more flexible and responsive to market needs and your orders
  • We reduce staff turnover
  • We take over comprehensive care of their wage agenda
  • We will pay taxes and applicable contributions
  • We take over liability for new damage caused by employees

Payroll - I wage and personnel admin

We offer clients the service of processing wage administration for their internal employees in the full or a predefined scope.

The service includes:

  • Personnel file keeping
  • Communication with the Social Insurance Agency, health insurance companies, labour offices, …
  • We perform wage calculations
  • We make a regular report for the client in a pre-selected form
  • Where necessary, we send out wage slips to designated employee e-mail addresses
  • We perform consultancy in employment-law issues

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