About us

“We deliver by 💚; the basic pillar of our company is the person, and the person always comes first.  This is what distinguishes us from others.”

ProJob’s history begins in 2019; we are not just another in a series of personnel agencies with the ambition to grow and adopt a static market position.  We are not here to be a flash in the pan.  We are here to make the most of our long experience in the personnel field.  We truly want to make the most of this experience and offer people stable work that meets their expectations and improves their lives.  Our main goal is to present serious job offers, create a suitable environment for employee satisfaction and, last but not least, also constant care.  Every single employee will appreciate our professional approach and maximum support, signified by the heart in our logo.

We recognise that a satisfied employee means a satisfied client; therefore we take care in choosing suitable and competent employees who predetermine the company’s success in the market. 

“A new era in personnel services is just beginning”

Our Team

Mgr. Ľuboš MALEGA

Area Manager

(+421) 905 221 224

Miriam Holáková

Hiring Manager

(+421) 905 221 223

Ing. Daniel DEKÁNY

Country Manager DE

(+421) 905 221 227

Mgr. Monika MÚDRA

Office Manager

(+421) 905 225 225


Operation Director

Ing. Milan PAĽURIK